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Carl Gustav Swedish K M45D

Swedish K m/45D

Swedish K built using our kit, side plates, rivets, and 16" barrel.

Swedish K closeup

Closeup of Swedish K side plates, rivets, and tube.

Swedish K m/45D Build Kit Swedish K m/45D Bolt

Item # M45SABK
Price $405
Weight 4 lb 8 oz

Semiautomatic build kit for the Swedish K M45D. New and improved design with "J" hook safety and heavier bolt for easier cycling with a 16" barrel. Approved by the BATF and classified as a firearm and not a machine gun. This kit comes with the following parts and a five page build guide. Kit includes tube, semiauto bolt, hammer, firing pin, retaining pin, firing pin spring, two sets of springs, guide rods, bolt stop, barrel extension, ejector, and two rivets for the end cap locking lug. The tube is made from quality American 1020 seamless DOM tubing. The inside diameter is smaller than the original receiver so that a full auto bolt will not fit inside. The outside diameter is turned down to the same diameter as the original. The ends have been bored out so that the original front barrel bushing and the rear end cap will fit. The high quality template has critical dimensions and some assembly instructions on it. A milling machine is recomended to finish this tube, however it is possible to finish it with a dremmel tool. Not all parts kits have the selector switch that makes a semi auto build much easier. If your trigger group does not have the selector switch, you will have to modify it. You may need additional US made parts in order to be R922 compliant. MIG or TIG welding is required for assembly. This tube is not a finished receiver; the buyer can make a semiautomatic receiver from it. Please note that in order to be 922r compliant, our sample to the BATF included a new 16" barrel and pistol grips which are not included in this kit. No FFL required. All ATF rules apply.

Swedish K 16inch Barrel Swedish K 16inch Barrel

Item # M45B16
Price $135.00
Weight 1 lb 3 oz

This is a new 16" barrel for the Carl Gustav Swedish K M45D. This will fit an original barrel trunion with no modifications. Chambered and ready to install.

Swedish K 8 inch Barrel

Item # M45B8
Price $160.00
Weight 1 lb

This is a new 8" barrel for the Carl Gustav Swedish K M45D. This will fit an original barrel trunion with no modifications. Chambered, in the white, and ready to install.

Swedish K Rivets

Item # M45 Rivets
Price $12.00
Weight 1 oz

Carl Gustav Swedish K M45 Rivet Set. This set comes with 17 rivets. The 14 big rivets hold the lower receiver and trigger components together. The 3 small rivets are for the end cap retaining lug. The rivets are long enough to replace the rivet that holds the stock release lever.

Swedish K Side Plates

Item # M45SP
Price $45.00
Weight 9 oz

Side plates for the trigger housing. These plates will work for full auto or semi auto versions. The trigger and sear holes are already located. Use the other frame parts to locate the holes for the mounting blocks.


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