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Beretta 38/44 and 38A

Beretta 38A Trigger Group

Item # B38TH
Price $140
Weight 0 lb 8 oz

This is a new trigger housing for the Italian Beretta 38/44 and 38A. This can be used to build a semi auto and is 922r compliant. Most parts kits have this section torch cut beyond repair. This is a high quality reproduction and is fully finished, ready for your trigger components. Every dimension was copied from an original housing. Side plates are made of 4130 tool steel for a very long life. The trigger guard threads are drilled and tapped to accept your original screws. This is not a kit purchased from another company and then assembled. The "repair kits" sold by competitors make you do all the hard work and take the risk. Buy this, weld it in place, and get on with your project.

Beretta 38A Build Kit Beretta 38A Bolt

Item # B38SABK
Price $475
Weight 3 lb 6 oz

Semiautomatic build kit for the Beretta 38/44 and 38A. We spent a great deal of time developing these kits so that you will have a smooth operating high quality firearm when finished. This kit works with an original trigger group with a simple modification so a full auto trigger can't function. This means that the original safety will still function even with the new bolt. The finished gun will fire from the closed bolt position and is designed not to slam fire just like our STEN bolts. The bolt uses a standard AR-15 firing pin which can easily be replaced if it fails. It is not necessary to modify the stock or hack up other parts to get them to fit. The complex dust cover is eliminated and the bolt uses a fixed cocking handle which comes with the kit. This gives you more control over the firearm and fewer parts that could break.

This kit comes with the following parts and a four page build guide. Kit includes tube, semiauto bolt, hammer, AR-15 firing pin, retaining pin, firing pin spring, recoil spring, hammer spring, guide rods, bolt stop, cocking handle, and full auto trigger block.
The tube is made from high quality American 4130 seamless DOM tubing. The inside diameter is smaller than the original receiver so that a full auto bolt will not fit inside. The outside diameter is turned down to the same diameter as the original. The front end has been bored out and threaded to accept an original barrel. The threads have also been timed using an original barrel. The interupted lugs for the end cap have been machined. The high quality template has critical dimensions for the cocking slot, magazine well, and ejection port. A milling machine is recomended to finish this tube, however it is possible to finish it with a dremmel tool. MIG or TIG welding is required for assembly. You may need additional USA made parts in order to be R922 compliant. A barrel extension does not come with this kit. You will have to obtain a 16" barrel or submit a form for a SBR to the BATF before beginning. This tube is not a finished receiver; the buyer can make a semiautomatic receiver from it. No FFL required. All ATF rules apply.

Beretta 38A Barrel

Item # B38B16
Price $600
Weight 2 lb 5 oz

16 1/8" 9mm barrel for the Beretta 38A. This barrel is an exact copy of the Beretta 38A submachine gun barrel, except it is 16 1/8" long. Made from high quality American steel. This is a R922 compliant part. Fully assembled and in the white. Every piece of this barrel is new including the jacket, compensator, barrel, and bushing. Threads are timed to match an original barrel and the dovetail is machined ready for your front sight. Chambered and ready to install.

Beretta 38/38A Trigger Hardware

Item # B38H
Price $20
Weight 1 oz

Beretta 38/38A hardware set contains pins for the sear and triggers, as well as the trigger guard screws.

Beretta 38A Magazine Well

Item # B38MW
Price $90
Weight 0 lb 3 oz

This is a new magazine housing for the Italian Beretta 38A and 38/44. Very well made and ready to accept your ejector and magazine release. May need slight modification for clearance inside the 38A stock.


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