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German MP-40 and MP-34

MP-40 Barrel

Item # MP-40-BRL
Price $250
Weight 1 lb

This is a new 9mm barrel for the German MP-40. Precision CNC machined to original specifications. It will work with an original barrel trunion and muzzle nut. The front sight pin will have to be drilled by the installer.

MP-40 Barrel Nut

Item # MP-40BN
Price $80
Weight 6 oz

This is a new barrel nut for the German MP-40. It will work with an original barrel trunion. CNC machined from high grade 4140 steel.

MP-40 Barrel Bushing

Price $120
Weight 10 oz

This is a new barrel bushing for the German MP-40. It will work with an original barrel and barrel nut. Precision CNC machined from high grade 4140 steel.

MP-40 Tube

Item # MP-40SAT
Price $375
Weight 2 lbs

Tube for the German MP-40 from which the buyer can make a semiautomatic receiver. It is reduced diameter to work with our semi auto bolt kits. Made from 4130 seamless tubing. The end is bored out to accept an original OD barrel bushing or our reproductions. Fully fluted and the ports are engraved, rather than having a template like our other semi auto tubes. The safety hook is in the same location as the original, but you will not be able to pull the bolt back far enough to reach it using our kit. You can move the safety hook location forward to make it functional if you prefer.

MP-40 SemiAuto Build Kit MP-40 SemiAuto Bolt

Item # MP-40-FBP-SAK
Price $285
Weight 2 lb

This is a semiautomatic bolt system for the German MP-40 and will also work with the FBP. This kit has a skill rating of 4 out of 5. The builder will have to engineer their own disconnector and sear for this to work as the original guns did not have them. The sear location and safety hook location may have to be relocated.
The bolt will accept an original extractor and cocking handle for an authentic look. This kit includes the following high quality American made parts: a semiauto bolt, standard AR-15 firing pin, roll pin, firing pin spring, bolt stop, guide rods, 2 sets of springs, and assembly instructions.
This design is based on our ATF approved STEN MK3 model. Other US made parts may be needed to be compliant with GCA 18 U.S.C. 922r.

MP-40 Recoil Spring

Item # MP40/38RS
Price $20
Weight 2 oz

Newly made MP-40/38 main recoil spring. Will fit original German MP-40 or MP-38 recoil assemblies.

MP-40 Safety

Item # MP-40S
Price $80
Weight 2 oz

This is a new charging handle safety for the German MP-40. CNC machined.

MP-40 Handle Post

Item # MP-40HPOST
Price $60
Weight 1 oz

This is a newly made cocking handle post for the German MP-40. Some fitting may be required.

MP-40 Rear Sight Base

Item # MP-40RSB
Price $60
Weight 3 oz

New rear sight base for the German MP-40. Will require hand fitting on dovetail.

MP-40 or FBP Extractor

Item # MP-40-FBP-EX
Price $65
Weight 4 oz

This is a new broken shell extractor for the German MP-40 submachine gun or the FBP clone. The MP-40 and FBP extractor are completely interchangable and this may fit other German submachine gun models such as the MP-38. A must-have for the WW2 reenactor or gun collector. Made from high quality hardened spring steel.

MP-34 Barrel MP-34 Barrel

Item # MP34B
Price $250
Weight 1 lb 2 oz

New 9mm barrel for the German MP34. This is a brand new barrel made from high quality steel and is made to the same dimensions as the original barrels. Fully machined, chambered and in the white. 10 groove right hand twist rifling.


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